Sunday, January 4, 2015


Today I was going to post about my New Years Resolutions, but I was just asked to talk about them in church next week so I will write more later on those. I know it will be kind of late, so I'm sorry.
One last note- this post is based off a wonderful testimony by an amazing woman in my ward so I take no credit- I just thought it was a great point and I know it is true beyond I doubt.

What is love?

In today's world it is thought of as "Sweetheart- I love you so I will give you everything you want and you will always be happy."

It is more of chance and romance.

But to God, love is deep and rooted in a care for the other person.

It means you are willing to sacrifice all for the other person. Just like the Savior was willing to die for our sins- the only man who was sinless loved so deeply that he was willing to suffer and die so us people on earth- who need his help so desperately- can live again and repent. That is true love.

Heavenly Father wants to make us the best person we can be. So his love goes more like this "I love you more than you know and I don't want you to suffer, but this is going to make you such a better person, I will help you through, but it's up to you."

Our loving Heavenly Father sees the big picture and even though it is hard to see the people you love most suffer, he knows that they need it. He knows that you can come out bigger than your trial. He has faith in you.

So if you're feeling like God isn't there- like he has abandoned you and he doesn't love you- Stop right now. He loves you more than you know. He loves you beyond comprehension. He thinks you are amazing.

You are a daughter/son of God and you are loved.


  1. I love (haha pun not intended) this post so much! Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are truly our greatest examples of real, sincere love. I have been thinking a lot about love being more than Hallmark movie endings or heart-shaped boxes of chocolates lately, and this post was a total answer to my prayers. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Thanks so much for this comment! I'm glad I could help! Hallmark movies are fun (who doesn't love watching cheesy movies with perfect endings?), but Heavenly Father type love is a billion more times amazing don't you think?


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