i believe

i am mormon.
a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
I cannot even begin to explain the amount of peace and joy that following the teachings of Christ (given by the scriptures & living prophets today) and the comfort knowing that God loves me & has a wonderful plan for me has brought me.

I know with all surety of my heart that this church is true. I know my Savior lives and my Heavenly Father is real. I know they love me and care for me beyond comprehension. I know my Savior sacrificed everything so that I can start over when I mess up, forgive others, and be strengthened through the power of the Atonement because he knows what I am feeling this very second.  I know each and every trial my Heavenly Father sends my way is part of a glorious plan he has for my life, and I know that he has a plan for your life greater than you can even imagine. I know that as we strive to come unto Christ and be more like him we will be happier, feel freer, and blessings will pour into our lives. I know that prayer is such a blessing and is a way we can really talk to God. 

Only through Christ can we find the pure joy, hope, peace, comfort, strength, and love we all seek. 

If you would like to learn more about my church you can visit mormon.org (where you can watch super inspiring videos, read about our beliefs, or chat live with an official missionary), lds.org. or you are welcome to email me with any questions!

You can also get a free copy of my very favoritest book here. This book has changed my life in so many ways and every time I read it I feel so much peace, excitement for life, and happiness.

You can read a lot more about why all of this makes me so stinkin' happy. Everybody is always looking for the secret to happiness, here's mine.

This is not an official site of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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