Friday, January 9, 2015

I need your help!

I don't really have a plan for this post so get ready for some (hopefully) awesome randomness:)

I am so excited for the new youth theme- it is amazing guys! ! But more on that later (it's in my talk that I will be posting Sunday/Monday)

I know Christ loves us- that has just been on my mind so much lately and it is the most influential piece of information I have ever learned.

I have been thinking about my clogging blogging (that was a typo but it made me laugh so I'm keeping it in there) a lot lately. I feel like most of my posts are super similar. And while they are all 100% true without a doubt, I feel like I need a variety.

The gospel will always be my focus. But I need your help! What do you want? What would you like to see happen here on the blog?

PLEASE comment or email me! I really would love your opinion!
Some things I could possibly write about:
     -DIYs/Recipes (no promises here- they take a bunch of time but I could maybe do a few)
     - Quick Projects/Tips
     - Printables/ quotes
     -More about me/ happenings in my life
    - Decorating
    - Blogging
   - Photography
   - Inspiration from around the web
   - Other (please specify! I am open to anything!)

I also want to point out that I think it is so ironic that right after I post about easing up on blogging I start writing a little more consistently. I guess my work isn't done here;)

I just want to say again- I believe what I have posted before 100%. I am not tired of writing about my Savior, the gospel, and the role it plays in my life- nor will I ever be. I just want to mix it up a little. He lives and he loves you. He is the way, the truth, and the light.
 I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

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  1. I think any of those things would be great! Your blog is amazing. :) I'm sure whatever you pick will be awesome, too. And hahahaha I might try clogging as well. That sounds like a good idea. ;)



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