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hello! my name is shelby, let's be friends

i'm just a girl on a mission to spread goodness. i'm obsessed with photography, design, happiness, and beautiful things. i believe in choosing happiness, courage, and goodness even though a lot of the times the world tells us to be scared and sad. i believe in spreading kindness like confetti. But most importantly i believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ and the hope and peace it brings me. 

you can also find me over on instagram where i share a bit more regularly @moorelightshine

i live on a small farm in kentucky and love all the gorgeous sunsets, stars, and trees that surround me daily. (just in case you were wondering we do say y'all occasionally, but not everyone in kentucky is a hillbilly who only wears overalls and can't talk correctly haha) i grew up here, except for 2 years when i moved to Italy. i was pretty young, but it was an amazing adventure & i've had thetravelbug ever since.
the field behind my house
 #tb to the italy days

I absolutely love nature and adventures

i have 3 amazing siblings (i'm the oldest) & 2 awesome parents who i love so much. they make me so happy

unlike a ton of other bloggers i'm just a teenager. I started for a personal progress project, but i'm kind of in love with this whole blogging, photography, and design business so i've decided to stick with it! i mostly write inspirational posts, but it's kind of a mix of stuff. Music recommendations, lifestyle, occasional tutorials, pictures, advice. i'm still finding my niche.

 my favorite moments are the really simple ones. the ones when everyone is smiling & laughing. the ones when you are jamming out having a dance party in the kitchen. when you're sitting around the fire at 11 just talking and listening to the crickets. those are the kind of moments i live for. 

read more about what i believe here

things that make me happy: (in no particular order)
1. my religion. i'm mormon and the gospel of Jesus Christ and the knowledge that he loves me and has a glorious plan for me brings me more peace and joy than I can express. 
2. good people. really, people just amaze me. 
3. my family. they are just the best. 
6. outside
7. my camera
8. exploring new places (and old ones too)
9.warm blankets
10. plaid & striped clothes
11.gold, coral, aqua
12. hallmark movies
16. kit kats
18. spotify 
19. knockout
20. music
21. pineapples
22. handlettering
23. Dance parties in my kitchen
24. lanterns (like in tangled)
25. captain america
26. painting

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