Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Why waking up at 4:30 am and being a bit peculiar makes me incredibly happy

Everyone says they are weird. It's the norm. While it used to be the "cool thing" to be normal, now people find pride in saying they are weird. Crazy how the world is always tossing, flipping, and mixing things up, huh?

I'm not going all the way and saying that I'm weird, but trust me when I say I'm not your average teenager. Sure I like to text, I have an instagram, I try to look decent, and I'm a fan of food, but here's where it gets a little....different?

  • I leave my house at 5:30 every morning so I can get to church on time for 6 am scripture study before school.  
  • I try to learn about my ancestors so I can help them on their path to salvation because they've done so much for me. Yep, I do genealogy. It's not just for old people. 
  • I love to babysit my younger siblings and spend time with my family. Some teens think their parents and siblings are lame. Not me. I think they're pretty much the bomb.com
  • Ummm, I blog. What teenagers do this? I know of a few who are pretty awesome people. While it might be a little strange it makes me so happy. Even though a lot of people don't realize it blogging is actually pretty cool;)
  • Aside from waking up early I try to read the scriptures on my own. I choose to read the King James version which can be pretty confusing. But I do my best to understand and keep reading because I love the peace and happiness it brings. 
  • Once a month, on the first Sunday, I fast. I skip 2 meals without food and water for a special purpose. 
  • I choose to use clean and uplifting language. I don't cuss and I do my very best to make all my words kind
  • I've never tasted coffee in my life. I choose to keep my body the way Heavenly Father created. Really the best energy giver is sleep. 
  • While I don't make a lot of money, I give 10% of what I earn to help build church buildings, temples, help those in need, and support missionaries.  
  • I choose to listen to uplifting music. It really stinks when a song is ruined by a dirty word. 
  • My biggest dream is to get married in the temple, have a family with a few kids, and be a mom.
Now don't get concerned. I promise I'm not sick:)

And I don't say all of this for praise or to sound like I'm awesome. Because while I do these things I don't do them perfectly. I try to but it's impossible. 

I do all this because I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 

I don't get punished when I don't do these things. My mom doesn't make me. I'm not forced or required to do any of these things. It's definitely not a social norm I've decided to fall into. 

i promise you. i choose to do all of this 100% on my own. 

So why? Why oh why? Why why why? 

Because it makes me so incredibly happy. Giddy really. Overjoyed. Elated. Can't wash the smile off my face kind of happy. 

I might want to fall over because I feel like I'm drowning in school and seminary came quite early. It would be easy to pocket that extra 10% that could bring me closer to that fancy camera I'm yearning for. One bite of a cookie on the first Sunday of the month wouldn't kill me. And that cup of coffee that everyone claims to be gold could probably help me stay up just a bit longer. 

It would be easy as pie. But I honestly don't want to. 

This gospel gives me so much purpose. Reading my scriptures and writing this little old blog of mine has filled my time along with endless church activities. What purpose would I have without the gospel? I honestly don't want to think about where I would be without it. Would I still want to do good? Would I still try to be kind? Would I still work hard? Would I have friends who were good influences? Would my language be littered with curse words or scriptures I'm trying to memorize? Would I understand who I truly am? Because all of this plays such a vital role in who I am. 

The gospel brings me peace and joy and so so much goodness. I really can't describe the feelings I get. When I think about where I would be without it my heart starts to beat furiously and my face twists with worry. When I think about where I am with the help of my Savior my heart fills with so much joy and peace, I can't help but smile and I just want to hug and love everyone. 

While I've never become inactive or committed a humongous sin I have seen in my life where I have slacked a little. I started caring a little too much about what the world thought. I wanted to reach that goal but it was unattainable. I was not very happy. I just wanted to be enough. During that time I started and continued writing my blog. And so many wonderful things have happened since. Since I've poured my heart into the pages of the world wide web. Since I've read my scriptures and realized who I am. Since I realized it's about anything but me. Since I've realized how good kind feels. 

I don't think I can say it enough. I am happier than I've ever been. 

I'm still your typical teenager in the sense that I'm so helplessly imperfect. I mess up constantly. But I'm doing my best to come unto Christ so He can help me become as perfect as I can. 

So try it out for me.... live your best. Dedicate yourself to things that really matter and live happy. Because it's such a glorious thing when you make that leap of faith. 


  1. Wow! This is beautifully written. Thank you for sharing your amazing testimony, and thank you for being peculiar. ;)


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