Saturday, September 13, 2014

Conference Countdown!

How is it already September?
This year has flown! 
I honestly feel like it should be May and Summer should be just starting! But instead I'm in school. Kind of a disappointment:) 

I found an amazing Instagram account that you all should follow called 30daysofconference. Each day it gives you one talk form the previous conference, so that by the time next conference rolls around you will have read all the talks. This is such a wonderful way to be more prepared to hear the words of our living prophet, President Monson!

My Personal Progress Advisor suggested that this would be a great Personal Progress goal, it isn't too late to start- you could just read 2 a day until you catch up.:) This doesn't have to take a bunch of extra time either- you could read each talk right before bed or on the bus to get a spiritual jumpstart for your day.

I know that we have a living prophet and apostles on the earth today! Why would God leave us stranded on earth with no guidance or help? He is a living, caring God who only wants the best for us! I know that if you accept this challenge you will be blessed.

Who's going to follow them? Comment if you're in for the challenge!

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