Tuesday, September 23, 2014

3 Step DIY Mousepad

Awhile ago when we relocated our computer area, we switched to using a wireless mouse with our laptop. We needed a cute mousepad, so I decided to DIY one! This is a super easy project that can be done super fast and cheap!

So here is where we started…….

 Plain. Boring. But full of Potential.
 My mom has used this fabric for several projects and I knew it would be just perfect!
1- Trace your mousepad on the fabric and cut.
2- Fold your fabric in ½, also mark the center on your mouse pad, you may want to do this before cutting so you can line up the pattern. (This wont matter on some designs, but I wanted a type writer centered so for me it was necessary)

 3-Paint one layer of mod podge directly onto the mousepad and place the fabric on top, let dry. For the final step, paint an additional layer over the top and let dry.

And you're done! Super easy and cute! Have an amazing day!


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