Monday, January 2, 2017

last new post

so i'm making a preeetty big change- i'm hopping on over to a new site.

don't panic though- the url will for the new site will be the same as this one and this one will change to

i started this whole blogging adventure at the ripe old age of 13(ish) for a personal progress project

those were the days when i was extremely proud of my chevron background and header made from a free pic monkey font. i finally moved on a bit to the current design which i honestly was quite proud of. i can't bring myself to delete this old blog of mine, but i'm also so so ready for a clean slate.

i'm so grateful for this first blog and the way it has helped me discover my favorite things (if it weren't for blogging who knows if i'd even have an interest in photography), grow my testimony, find the joy in things, and stretch my mind to think about things in a happier, more creative way. i'm grateful for all of you- whether you found my blog yesterday or a year or two ago when we were still in the very cringeworthy stages- thanks for sticking around!

so i guess what i'm saying is 1) thank you 2) if you visit my new blog and nothing is there- don't panic haha

(i plan on changing the url of this blog like i talked about before in the next few days so your feed reader should automatically start showing the new posts over there)

so i guess this peace out, see ya on the new blog! 

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