Thursday, July 28, 2016

OH what a weekend! {reds game, boat, & putt putt in Cincinnati)

Get it? Cause it's Cincinnati Ohio? I crack myself up sometimes;)
We took a super quick trip up to Cincinnati this past weekend and it was a blast! Super duper quick, but super duper fun:)
Day 1: I took barely any pics this day, but we basically shopped most of the day in Florence (we were staying right outside of Cincinnati at my grandparents). It was kind of refreshing since my hometown isn't exactly shopping central, I mean I actually found some cute stuff which makes shopping a lot more fun:) At night my dad arrived and that's when the fun really began. He took us to a super old putt putt golf course that he used to go to all the time as a kid. My mom got quite competitive, I learned I need to practice a bit, I got 2 hole in one that I was insanely proud of (lets not talk about how despite this my score was still above 40....i'm just...uh..inconsistent with my talent? haha), and the parents totally whooped me & nate. After that we went to a pretty fun Chinese restaurant where my dad used to work when he was in high school. Orange chicken is pretty much my favorite food ever so that was definitely a win. We got home super late, really full & tired, but also really really happy.

(see i told you..pretty much no pics..or is that the amount a normal person takes?)

Day 2: We took the boat out onto the Ohio River in the morning to soak up some sunshine and man was it nice. Really hot, but really pretty and fun. At night we went to a reds game. We sat in the nose bleed seats and i'm kind of convinced that those are the best seats because you can see the whole field. The stadium was really pretty, you could see the river in the background and these pillars shot fire out whenever an inning was over which was pretty cool. I snuck away for a bit in the middle to take a walk and see the beautiful bridge across from the stadium. Typical shelby, watching the sunset instead of the sport. haha, but it was a really good game and the reds pulled out a win. plus i got a free hat... and a was definitely a win:) We drove back to my grandparents late that night and the lights of the city were gorgeous. 

(finally got a teva tan, not as cool as a chaco tan but still #goalachieved)

look at the river.. all heart eye emojis
and all heart eye emojis once again haha

what's been your favorite summer adventure so far? this has been the summer of small adventures for me & i've pretty much loved it.
xoxo shelby

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