Saturday, July 30, 2016

june 2016

(playing a little bit of catch up & sharing a few memories from June)

june was a really really great month. It was pretty crazy busy with a lot of good things but it flew by. (looking back it seems super long compared to july) 

June started off with a bang because the June 1 was the last day of school. The last day was filled with goodbyes and hugs and pretty much doing nothing and then in one last flurry of gathering papers, pictures, and hugs freshman year was over just like that. It's kind of crazy that a year could go by so stinkin' fast! It makes me a little scared because wow, high school is gonna fly! It's also a bit weird because soon I'll be doing  all the stuff you see in movies and think about as a little girl, prom, driving, ya know- all the classic high school stuff.

Other exciting things that happened in June:
+I attended my first graduation
+End of the year seminary party (seminary was really one of the best parts of this year & the end party was pretty great. A mystery old testament dinner, an auction - we got points to spend throughout the year-, and a lot of basketball)
+ Celebrated 2 of my friends birthday's with really fun surprises.
+Worked on a pretty exciting project I'll be announcing soon
+ 1 stake dance. A luau which barely anybody showed up to but was still pretty rad. our wards bought leis & we all matched #winning.
+babysat & mowed lawns (i don't have an official job this summer since I can't drive but i still need to make a little bit of money)
+finished the PARTY PATIO! Whoop whoop. A ton (like a lot) of work went into this project and it's pretty much done now except for the bug table. i'll have to share some pics once we finish that.
+lots & lots of bonfires. most nights were spent outside sitting around a campfire just enjoying the stars. Most of the time just with our fam but sometimes with friends. It really was perfect summer bliss just listening to the fire pop. the crickets chirp. and the quiet buzz of good conversation and laughter around the soft glow of the fire and the hundreds of stars above us.
+setting off a bunch of lanterns.. pretty much just like tangled;)
+  lots of bike rides on back country roads (me & nate's fav excersise)
+yakking (kayaking) we went on some pretty fun runs this month. my fav was the river that had a bunch of rapids. the thrill of being pushed by the current and the water splashing in your face is the best feeling.
+fathers' day. i'm so grateful for my dad and all the sacrifices he makes for our family. He teaches me how to work hard and takes me on adventures all the time.
+lots of journaling. i wanted to become better at journaling this summer & i'm pretty proud of myself for actually somewhat keeping this goal.

gratitude list (really trying to start doing this every night, obviously didn't do very good in june & july wasn't my best month... maybe august will be the month?)
6/15- yummy food, Emma's birthday, gold streamers, surprises, storms, & birthdays
6/16- cute movies (finding dory), mini piƱatas, confetti, Natalie' birthday, chilling with siblings 
6/17- progress on the patio, competitions with Nate, pretty weather outside 
6/18- lake, kayaks, gorgeous nature, movie nights, late night Father's Day prep, jumping off rock @ the lake
6/19- my wonderful dad, Sunday afternoon naps, late night fires, church, Sunday dinners 
6/20- great memories, cheesy movies, satisfying feeling after you get a bunch of little things done, really pretty sunshine
6/21- planning hefy fundraisers, chickfila agreeing to sponsor, tea party with bella this morning talking the whole time in accents about our crazy French life in the fashion industry (haha it's the little things right?)

here are some of the highlights of my instagram. check it out here.


  1. Beautiful post, as always, Shelby! It sounds like you are having a wonderful summer! I wish my stake dances would have included matching leis. #swag :P Also, I think I officially need to add yakking to my bucket list now. You make it sound all kinds of amazing. :)

  2. Thanks so much for your sweet comment Sarah! I definitely recommend yakking- it's so much fun & not too hard at all (even for people like me who are definitely not the most athletically gifted haha) Hope you had a super rad summer!


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