Monday, June 27, 2016

{Louisville KY} part 1

hey wonderful people, i hope you are having a super duper amazing summer. i'm pretty much in love with this whole no school thing. Before we get into all the summer amazingness i thought i'd do a throwback post to spring break.

This year for spring break we went to Louisville with my grandparents, they both grew up there and it was so cool to see all the places they lived, met, where the went on dates, and other special places. We went into the city of Louisville and it was so pretty! (coming in part 2)

sorry..i got a little snap happy in the city everywhere, but really what else is new in blogger land. haha

Our first stop was Plehn's Bakery. 53 years ago my grandparents came there and got their wedding cake made. It was such a cute little bakery. There was a super gorgeous tree outside that was in full bloom. The flowers were so pink and big and just amazingly beautiful.

Inside there was the cutest soda bar. We didn't end up getting soda there but we ate some super yummy treats and lunch.

Here they are! My wonderful grandparents- they've taught me so much about love & how to be an amazing person who serves others and lives the gospel daily.  I'm so so grateful I've gotten the chance to grow up near them. Sleepovers at their house, Sunday dinners, playing with cousins, working on crafts together, holidays,  having special "dates" with them, and so many other things I can't even name them all are some of my best memories ever. 

Again with those blooms! I really couldn't get enough of them!

The light turned out pretty wacky in this picture... but the tree was just so pretty. Haha. Okay I'm sorry- I'll stop fangirling over a tree now.

Then we went to Cherokee park to relax a little. Everything wasn't bloomed yet but it was still really pretty plus it's amazing how humongous the park is! It's crazy!

After hanging out at the park for a little bit we headed down to the Ohio river. My grandparents used to go on dates to the restaurant that was just up the bank when they were dating and then would walk down and look at the river. Since then the dock hasn't been kept in the best shape and it was a little more abandoned but it was so quiet and peaceful. The sun was shining just perfect, the breeze was warm, and the the only sound was the water lapping on the shore. It was just one of those perfect moments.

Love these 2 sisters of mine- they're really the best.

Siblings are really the best aren't they? They make me laugh so stinkin' hard and smile until my face hurts. Sometimes we get so frustrated with our families but I know that everyone is in a family for a reason. There are times when I get a little impatient and then Bella says the cutest thing & I realize that what got me frustrated wasn't even worth it. Or me and Nate end up outside until 10 just shooting hoops and talking about life and it's the best. Or Riley will dance with me in the kitchen and I'm just so happy. Or when mom plays games with us and teaches us something really cool. Some nights dad starts a fire and we all sit outside for hours talking or just listening to the crickets and looking at the stars. And in those moments everything is just perfect.
 Isn't family just the best? 

The last day we went to see where my grandad grew up. When he was a kid they lived on a dairy farm and each morning they woke up at the crack of dawn to milk the cows. The dairy has been closed down for a long time now, but it was still so cool to see where he spent all of his days when he was my age.

The old basketball goal on the barn door. When ever the door was closed it would be over a concrete pad they could play on. I'm not sure why I loved this so much, maybe because I have so many fond memories with Nate in front of the basketball goal?

I didn't capture it very well but everything was just so green! It was beautiful!

Right before we went to the farm we stopped at some stores to pick something up. I got kind of bored & obviously when you get bored taking hat selfies is the answer. I kind of really want a hat but i'm not sure how to pull it off? Or where I would wear it? Are you hat person- give me some tips below!

Our very last stop was Ollie's Trolley. (sorry about that green car- it was driving me crazy! but it was there the whole time and we had to leave so I just went with it). They used to be pretty popular, but this is the last one. It was so tiny and in an interesting part of town but the food was good! We took it down to a park and ate there. Then we got in the car to go home, It was just a short 3 day trip but it was really the best. We left feeling so grateful and happy and in love with life. Sometimes a quick break from normal life is just what a person needs.
(part 2 in the city coming soon)

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