Thursday, June 30, 2016

{Louisville KY} looeyville, louis-ville, looville?

looeyville, louis-ville, looville- i still have no clue. but in my personal opinion it's loo-i-ville (or maybe loo-i-vulle? Hmm it's the million dollar question & even though i don't know the answer, i do know that it's a pretty incredible city. 

(if you're just joining us here you can read part 1 about our other Louisville adventures here)

I've lived on a farm pretty much my whole life except for 6 months when I lived in the big city & while I'm not sure I ever want to live in a city permanently I always love the energy and rush that comes with a city. All the tall buildings and people and quirky details- i just love it!

Not sure if that's just a newbie to the city thing or a just me thing or everybody knows what I'm talking about but it sure is a cool feeling! Haha.

The old spaghetti factory was really one of the prettiest buildings I've ever seen. I didn't get any pictures of the inside but it was just as gorgeous. There were huge chandeliers and an old train car and everything was just so fancy. And wow, the food was so. good. I'm pretty sure pasta is the best food ever invented.

The wait was pretty long so we ended up just going outside to take a walk. (aka went outside to take pictures). I was kind of in heaven because while I don't think i'll ever get tired of taking pictures of the beautiful green and farm fields that surround me daily but it was so fun to have a total change of scenery.
Louisville was just such a gorgeous city. This trip in general was one of my favorite things in quite a while. It was so cool to imagine my grandparents at my age in those places just living their lives and made me think quite a bit about how i'm living my life. When i'm older and i bring my kids back to my home what will i show them? what stories will i tell? will i have grown up to be amazing kind people like my grandparents?

have a fabulous wonderful day!

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