Monday, February 8, 2016

{make a difference monday} week 6

Another Monday! Wow the weeks are flying! (except I promise I would say the opposite if I were in gym or geometry right now haha) Another pretty easy challenge this week, what have you thought of this series so far? Are they too hard/easy? Would it be better to do it twice a month or is weekly good? Is anyone actually doing it? I would love your input so comment below with any suggestions or awesome kindness ideas! 
Today's challenge is to find a way to thank your mailman! It might seem silly but I know they will appriciate it! I mean who wouldn't love a fun surprise while they are just doing their job? You can thank them how ever you want but I decided to leave a note with a candybar in the mailbox since I'm never home when the mail comes.

Thanks for participating! Don't forget to post about it with the hashtag #moorelightandkindness or tag me at @moorelightshine_blog

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