Tuesday, February 16, 2016

January Favorites

TV & Movies:
(I've been doing a little too much in this category since we had snow days for a week and couldn't do anything... woops)

Psych- this show cracks me up!
When Calls the Heart

Leap Year
A Walk to Remember

FYI- All of these except for A Walk to Remember are on Netflix. All of them are generally clean (by generally I mean that most episodes are clean but there are a few I have decided to skip, everyone has their own definition of clean), but some of them do have a little bit of language, it isn't super excessive but it still stinks that they included it:(

Fashion & Beauty:

Plaid- like every other person out there I love it! It's so comfy and soft and so easy to  make an outfit out of! (I can't find any of the ones I have to link, but you can find them for a decent price at old navy and that's where I got most of mine)
Fun socks- I got eggs and bacon socks for my birthday and they make me super happy:) (Again I can't find the ones I have but if you go to target you can find a ton of cute ones)
Baby Lips- who doesn't love this?


More than the Tattooed Mormon by Al Fox- this was a super inspiring read! I've read a ton of reviews about it already that are pretty spot on so I won't be doing my own review but it was a great read!
The Only Pirate at the Party by Lindsey Stirling-read my review here.


Swiss  Miss Caramel Hot Cocoa- it doesn't replace regular but it is super yummy!
Chocolate Covered Potato chips- I used this recipe
Dove Chocolates- I got these for my birthday (along with so much other yummy stuff like Ben & Jerry's and Krackle chocolate and so much other goodness....) and I ate them way too much.


Hunter Hayes- he's always a winner:)
I also really like all of Sabrina Carpenter's album Eyes Wide Open. (The link goes to iTunes, but it is on Spotify too)
I'm keeping this section pretty generic because I just published a list of my favorite love songs...which is most of my favorite songs;)


Shall he Find Faith on the Earth? by Joseph B Wirthlin- I really really liked this talk and the lessons it taught about faith!


This pencil/makeup holder! It's so handy and it's magnetic so you can stick bobby pins to the side.

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