Saturday, November 14, 2015

Halloween 2015

Holy cow! It's super hard to beleive that it's been 2 weeks since Halloween! This Halloween was one for the books! It was actually pretty warm and the fall leaves were everywhere and it was just pretty great:)
 We carved pumpkins and ate way too many pumpkin seeds for FHE the Monday before and went to trunk or treat at church on Wednesday. On Saturday me and my brother went and watched a (not that scary) scary movie, trick or treated, and had a blast with some of the other youth. There is still a bit of my candy stash left that I've been slowly eating, so everything is good in  my book:)

Costumes in our family were also super fun this year: I was the expression Holy Cow! Let's just say I'm a procrastinator and not always the best decision maker so deciding a Halloween costume can be rough. Haha:) But I ended up loving this idea so it all worked out! I love clever costumes and this was even more perfect because it was super fast to pull together. 

My youngest sister was a butterfly (she got the costume for her birthday and loved the way the wings blew in the wind:). It was pretty funny though because she decided to switch to be a robber on actual Halloween. I didn't get a picture her then (these are all from Wednesday) but it totally cracks me up that she went from a butterfly to a robber- you've got to love kindergarteners:)

My brother was the man with the yellow hat from Curious George. I loved his costume so much!! (Not as many pictures of him though- posing is not his favorite:) I've always loved curious George and yellow is a super happy color so this costume was a winner in my book;)

My other sister was a "catterina." She drew a picture of what she wanted and my mom whipped it up for her. I love her spunk, her creativity, and her willigness to pose for me:)

Thanks for being so great Halloween!

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