Thursday, November 26, 2015

{filled to the brim with gratitude}

My heart is super full of thanks. 
Lately I've been thinking about how even though there are so many hard things in life, it is so so full of joy and amazingness. 

I'm so grateful for all the little magical moments that come together to make such a beautiful existence. 

When I tuck my 5 year old sister in at night. 
When the sun shines just right and everything glows. 
When I laugh so hard that I start to cry. 
When my brother or sisters go out of the way to do something kind for me. 
When I read my scriptures and I just know this whole gospel is true. 
When my whole family has a dance party in the kitchen. 

All these moments, plus hundreds more, make me wonder how I got so lucky. 

I'm so so thankful for the gospel. It is the anchor in my life. It gives me hope and it helps me focus on the good in life. Without it I would have no direction or purpose in life, I would be lost. But because of the wonderful gift of the scriptures and living prophets I know that I want to make good choices so I can live with my Father in Heaven once again. I find so much comfort in the fact that my Savior knows my pains and afflictions and that He is there to help me every step of the way. I really can't express my full gratitude for the gospel. From the wonderful programs it has allowed me to participate in (seminary and youth are some of my favorite things ever!), the great friends it has introduced me to, the fun activities, the way it has helped me in my darkest times, the way it has helped me make good choices, the joy it has helped me to find, the way it has helped me grow my testimony and faith. The gospel has truly blessed my life in so many ways, from the littlest things to the hugest, I see it's influence everywhere. 

I know this is a classic, but I am so grateful for my family. Sure we have our disagreements and sometimes I just want to go somewhere and be alone, I really could not ask for better people to learn and grow with during this mortal existence. I know that families are a gift from God and they are a vital part of his great plan. I'm grateful that my family is willing to laugh with me and be silly, that they think of little things to do for me, that they want to spend time with me, and that they put up with all the things I do that must drive them crazy. I love going on adventures with them and little moments that mean the world to me. Like when my mom dances in the kitchen with me because I love the song that's on. Or my sister lets me snuggle her when I put her to bed and we read stories together. When my brother brings home flowers for me just because he was thinking of me. When my dad lets me listen to my favorite radio station on the way to seminary. Or when my other sister makes an elaborate note and leaves it on my pillow. I couldn't imagine going through life with any other group of people and they inspire me daily to become a little better. 

I'm grateful for friends and the huge support and blessing they are, especially friends who only have good clean fun and that laugh with you until you are all crying. I'm thankful for this beautiful earth and it's stunning beauty. I'm grateful that I get to live in a country with so many freedoms. I'm grateful for a hot chocolate and warm blankets. I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to write on this blog and share what is important to me. I'm grateful for so many things I can't write them all! 

I know that no matter what happens in this life there is always something to be grateful for. I always feel weird when I write something about how thankful I am because I never want to brag or create the illusion of a perfect life because trust me, everyone on this planet experiences pain and sorrow. But I have such a strong belief that there is always a way to find joy and be grateful.When we choose to live a "glass 1/2 full" life light seeps into our days and we realize all the incredible things we have to be happy about. 

Happy Thanksgiving! What are you grateful for today?

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