Thursday, June 4, 2015

Super Duper Easy DIY Magnets

For my birthday I recently got a magnet board, but it only came with 2 magnets, What?!?  I totally wanted to hang more than 2 things so I decided to make my own!

There are so many things you can make magnets out of. The bracelet that doesn't fit. The earrings that are missing a match. necklaces. Anything!

A few years ago someone gave me this bracelet as a gift and I thought it was super cute! The only problem was it wouldn't fit on my wrist and it was a little to bulky. I often wear bracelets on my right hand (it just feels more natural) but I can't wear bulky ones because they hurt when I write.

 So in 3 simple steps I had 5 new magnets!

1. Cut them apart with pliers
2. Use Gorilla glue to stick magnets on.
3. While they are drying go online and find some super cute prints to hang up or go through your camera roll and pick some cute pictures to hang up.

Pretty easy, huh? I thought they turned out super cute and they look great on my magnet board holding up some pictures and cute prints! I'd love to see what you make magnets out of or what you decide to hang up! So post it on instagram and tag @moorelightshine_blog for the chance to get a shoutout!

What else can you think of to make magnets out of?

Have a great day!


  1. What a fun idea! I have a necklace this would be a perfect recycle for. Thanks for sharing! I am definitely going to try this.


    1. Yay! I'd love to see the final result! Have a great day!


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