Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Life Lately// May iPhone Picture Dump

Life has been crazy busy lately. But guess what guys?!?!?! SCHOOL'S OUT! Can I get a whoop whoop? I'm super excited for summer and all the fun things coming up! Before I dive into summer posts and projects I wanted to do an iPhone dump. I downloaded all my pics onto a flashdrive so I could have more room #8gigprobs and I realized how much has been going on lately that I haven't had time to record. Get ready for a marathon post!;) 

 School was pretty crazy for a long time. Procrastinating my math project was pretty great  sad because I had to wake up and finish it at the crack of dawn.  Funny story- my math teacher announced I won the math competition and then was like wait a minute, this doesn't seem all the way right even though I've checked it already. Then she checked it a second time and I hadn't won. #fail #emotionalrollercoaster
 Pretty much how I feel about school being out.

 My adorable sister was in a school play as a pig. She was the cutest pig I've ever seen:) She did awesome so of course we had to go to Baskin Robbins which was a huge treat and so yummy.

  We got fish after much asking from my little sister.
 B comes out to run with me sometimes and it's pretty cute. She wears her Doc Mcstuffins headphones and jams out to Barbie and princess music. She loves to hold my hand, which makes it hard to run but I love her and it's adorable so it's all good. Plus it gives me an excuse to walk a little slower for a minute and I'm all for that:)
 I love watching her play. It's amazing because she can play by herself forever with just her imagination. She makes a game out of anything and I love to listen to her talk to herself when she plays because her imagination is pretty awesome.
 Mothers Day happened. So grateful for my amazing Mom and all that she does.

Gorgeous sunsets like these make me happy. So grateful for this beautiful earth.

Me and a bunch of other youth + my family ran a Superhero 5k. It POURED but it was still pretty awesome. Me and my friend were CTR (choose the right) Superheros and we got so many questions about the #CTRleauge (our team name). It was such a great missionary opportunity!
 Each morning my bus gets to school a little early so I have time before I have to get to class. My friend is pretty much the braid master.
 This is what happens when you see your friend at target, your brother is there, and you're waiting for your mom.
We went to a baseball game and these cute girls drew pictures for one of the players whose family was sitting beside us. He gave them a free ball and it was pretty cool- they felt super awesome;)
 My sisters love to make snacks and set things up "fancy." Loved this little set up they made, especially the "table cloth" (a blanket that they love-I'm not a huge animal print lover, but the blanket is super soft so.....)
 Haybales and pretty skies.

About to run. Can I point out the wings on Bs shoes? We have been loving this warm summer weather!
 Nate wanted a dog for SO long and finally saved up for it. He's pretty much in love and spends a ton of time outside with it.

 Bs learning to ride with training wheels


 Sometimes I pretend to take notes......

Last morning on the bus! Next year seminary!! #6amisn'tasbadasitsounds

So much to bring home on the last day!!!! I was carrying a sweatshirt. lunchbox, flute, backpack that was stuffed to the brim, and 2 binders.

 Middle School =done

We had a last day of school youth party at our house. We projected a movie on our barn and ate s'mores. Have you all seen the movie Mom's Night Out? Ahhh, it cracks me up! It's a great movie for all ages and it 100% family friendly. We have shown to a bunch of people from teenagers to kids to adults and they all loved it! We also played capture the flag with glow sticks and Bloody Murder (<- if you don't know that game I promise it has nothing to do with murder;), it's like tag and hide & seek combined and it's super fun at night. So grateful for the amazing youth and all the fun things we've gotten to do lately!

This rock looked like a horse so we had to take a picture, right? (Pic creds to mom;)
Lot's of baseball lately.....
We threw a surprise party for my friend and it was super fun! The cupcakes above were made by one of my talented friends and they were super cute because they looked like watermelons. We did the whole jump out and yell surprise and she really had no clue:) We cracked open a hamburger pinata, ate cupcakes, played some games, and had a photo booth (below) so I'd say it was a success. So a late happy birthday to my awesome friend and a huge thanks and shout out to my party planning buddy:) I also want to give a shoutout to the Releif Society for the decorations because both the banner and friend sign have been used many times and were decorations my mom had to make for church stuff.

It's spring time so that has meant some yard work and mowing, but I don't mind. I'm super excited because we got the first raspberries out of our garden! My Dad planted a huge garden this year and it looks (and tastes) amazing! Can't wait to share pics soon!

 Pictures from Sunday Dinner. Something about fresh flowers just makes me happy. I love the energy and color they add to a room. Also do we notice the 0 on the mantel?

Fresh food from the garden.

Elder Perry passed away earlier this week, so I was going back and reviewing some of his quotes. I loved the one above! I know he was an apostle called of God and I am so grateful for the profound influence apostles and prophets have on my life today. I know they sacrifice so much, but they have inspired me countless times and I know they are blessed for all they give up. 

Almost every blog has the comment that your life seems so perfect or busy or ________. Whatever. I always worry about sharing personal posts because I don't want it to seem like a have a huge social life or the perfect life or am always doing something fun or cool all the time. But I have decided it is my blog so I'll post what I want. i just want to remind people that I only share the highs and the stuff that I remembered to take a picture of;) 

Maybe this will become a regular thing? Does it interest you or should it stay on my personal blog? I'd love any thoughts! And give yourself a pat on the back if you made it through the whole post!

Also... summer plans?
I'm super pumped because BOTH EFY and Girls Camp are coming up!! Can it get any better?


  1. What a fun post! I love it! Also, your super hero costumes are AMAZING!

    1. Thanks so much! They were pretty fun to make:)


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