Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fab 5 in the world of blogland.....

Just popping in to share some things I have liked recently. Sorry for the lack of posts! I have been crazy busy and it has been a while since I've gone to bed at a sane hour Life has been crazy and wonderful and I have some awesome plans coming up for the blog and life in general. 3 DAYS LEFT OF SCHOOL!!! I am so stinkin' excited!! And the EOC is over which is great and also means that biology is over (whoop whoop!) now to get through finals and IT IS SUMMER! I am so excited!! Goals for the first week of summer: finish a bunch of drafts. I literally have 90 drafts. Posts that are almost ready and just need pictures, links, or editing. Small things. So I'm super excited. This is a draft that I repetitively forgot to post so the articles are a little older now but still so amazing and wonderful!

  1. Remember when I talked about how inspiring conference was here? If you feel like you don't have time to read every talk word for word right now you can start by looking up free quote printables. A great place to start would be over at Sarah' s blog. She's pretty awesome, they were up the night of. #ididntblogaboutituntil2weeksafter #sarahissuperwoman
  2. post I recently loved was over at Whitney's blog. I loved pretty much every part of it, but one that really stood out to me was the question she asks herself before a decision. That has really stood out to me lately. Some times I get in bed super tired and ready to just fall asleep. but this question has helped me ponder about how much Heavenly Father means to me and how I reflect that in my decisions. What is this magical question? Head on over there to find out....
  3. This conference talk is pretty awesome.
  4. Being Pretty. That is what the world tells us to want. Being loved and being the center of attention. All because you are pretty. But let's seek a different kind of pretty:
  5. I love the inspiring quotes posted each Sunday over at He&I blog. They are so cute and uplifting and I pin them pretty much every week:)
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And then one more for a bonus, A throwback I guess. One weird thing about being a blogger, especially an inspirational/religion based blogger is you write something and then reread it and think "wow that actually really inspires me today" or "are you sure I wrote that" or sometimes "man oh man why do i have to be so right?!" Haha, but it is super cool (and kind of scary) to have your writing just out there. Anyway I was looking at various guest posts I have done (for a this new blog tab) and reread one I wrote earlier this year. It really struck me because I have been trying to keep some goals and not doing the best at it. You can read it here!

Have an amazing week! Good luck on finals!

When does your school end? Do you have any especially hard finals? What have you loved in the world of blogland lately? 


  1. These are so fun! I loved Whitney's post, too, and I can't wait to check out that conference talk and the He & I blog! Plus that beauty quote is the bomb. Thanks for sharing these awesome links! (And thank you so much for the feature! Your kind words made my day!) <3


    1. Thanks so much for reading Sarah! I was so happy to feature you because your work is so amazing! Thanks so much for all your comments they make my day!


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