Thursday, April 30, 2015

The mistake that almost ruined my blog & how to fix it + other google+ tips

If you recall this post, I accidentally deleted all pictures off my blog. Through Google+. So today I wanted to tell you all how to avoid this tragic mistake, but if you already have, how to fix it.

How to avoid:

I accidentally clicked on this "deadly box"

And that my friends is what caused all of my troubles. I was confused about it's meaning so I clicked it. I know it was totally my fault and I really should have read Learn More, I just want to warn people- do not click this box- it will not be good!

How to fix it:
To be honest I am not 100% sure how I fixed it, but this is what I am pretty sure happened.
After they all disappeared I started to upload the basic ones for my design (header, about me pic, etc), then I began updating and reposting pics. As I did this I shared a few posts on google+ and put them in my Moore Light Shine folder. I had previously unchecked the setting above, but it wasn't until I uploaded photos that they came back. No promises this will work for you, but it really saved me!

If you can't fix it
Then take this opportunity to revamp some posts. Fix that really bad graphic from one of your earliest posts, edit that one post you wrote super late. Clean out a few posts that are irrelevant, repin, and reshare some old posts, organize tags, etc. I redid my cherry crisp post. This was one of my very first posts so it was super bad. The pics were blurry, the fonts didn't match, and I had a pic for every single step which was way too much! So I went back, took the best pic I could find from the photos and edited it in a way that concealed some of the mistakes. I then deleted the old pics, rewrote a few things (grammar mistakes, promises of a blog series that never happened,,whoops..... reformatted  ingredients and instructions into easy to follow lists, etc) Now the post looks a lot cleaner, is easier to read, and really simplifies the recipe. So even though it stinks that you can't fix it, take the opportunity to improve your blog!

Very Important Note about Google+ Photos;
What ever is downloaded to your blog, even if it is just a draft or is deleted out of a post, is saved. This is something to be careful of if you accidentally upload a picture of your house, what city you live in, etc that you plan to delete (ex, you are uploading multiple photos and it is on the same row so you click it accidentally). If this happens you can click on the photo and delete it, note that if you delete a photo off google+ it will disappear off your blog. Other thing to note... if you want to delete your Google+ be careful not to delete your google account because it will delete your blog(s) to. Luckily I read the read more and ended up not deleting my Google+ or blog.... that was very good.

Last, but not least...
So I know you all are dying to know... how can I follow you? Haha;) Thanks for asking! Follow me here.

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