Monday, June 16, 2014

Desicions, Desicions

I thought I would be better at this whole blogging thing once summer started.. but I guess not ;)

I have been blogging for about 1/2 a year now. It has been amazing and super fun. I know I really want to blog for a long time. But lately I have no clue where I am headed:

-Do I want to do more DIY posts? All this DIY stuff is awesome and I love it!

-Do I want to have a photography blog? I love taking pictures!

-What about a lifestyle blog? I have read some of these lately and they seem as though they would be fun to write.

-Should I combine them all? Just keep throwing them together like I am now?

- I also really want to change my blog name. I love this little light of mine, but that's a pretty common name. I still want to focus on light and joy and beauty for my name...hmmm.... and then- should I redo this blog? Or start a whole new one? Decisions, Decisions!!

All I know is that I want to keep the Lord at the center of this, he prompted me to start this blog and I want to fulfill his purpose.

For now I just want to keep posting random things.....

I have 21 drafts plus other posts started on my iPad mini and in word- guys, that is ridiculous.
New goal: POST THEM!!

Have you ever had a dilemma like this? I would love to hear your advice!

And because every post needs a picture....

Thank you for listening to my randomness!


  1. I have been blogging for several years now and have seriously asked myself every single one of these questions. If I were going to give any advice I'd say keep everything on the same blog. I've created somewhere around 7 blogs that ranged everywhere from a tumbling blog, to a hair tutorial blog, to a photography blog. From my experience with multiple blogs it is so hard to keep them all up, which is why it landed me with my universal blog where I write about anything and everything. Also, make sure your name is also universal because if you title it something like let's say "Eat Sleep Tumble" (the name of my old tumbling blog) You can't write about anything but tumbling. But you don't have to listen to my advice. It's your blog. I'd just say that the best way to learn is by trial and error. Try everything. If you have an idea try it and see if it works out. There's no right or Wong way to blog. It's all just a giant personal internet science experiment. Just make sure it stays fun and people will always come back for more.

    I love your blog!


  2. I cannot thank you enough for your advice! It is greatly appreciated!


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