Thursday, February 13, 2014

Easy Last Minute Tic-Tac-Toe Valentine

Are you kind of a last minute Valentine maker? Yeah, me too. I thought of this idea a few weeks ago, but it has taken me awhile to actually make them and post them. Oops:)

I love cheesy valentines-I'm sorry-but I do! Every year our family has a tradition of giving (usually cheesy) valentines to each other. One of my sisters is super artsy and loves little games, and my other sister has just discovered Tic-Tac-Toe;so I will definitely be using this for one of them. Or maybe both;)
Any way- now to the printables! Please use these for personal use only!

You make everything line up!
I left this one a little plain so you could write your own message on the bottom.
You make everything line up!
 Do you get it? You make everything line up?! You make my heart tic!
Another more generic one. If you have anything you want especially on there just email me! (Found under the Contact me Tab)
You make my heart tic!
This might work better for friends because it doesn't say I love you..just a though!
You make my heart tic!

 You make my  heart Tic!
 Incredibly cheesy, I know!

I was thinking you could give it to them without anything, or you could buy some X and O stickers (like hugs and kisses) and attach them.

Do have any cheesy Valentine ideas?
Not sure if I will get a post in tomorrow, so happy early Valentines Day!

PS: Looking for a fun Valentines Day dinner/dessert idea?

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  1. Super cute! I love all things cheesy, be it Cheetos, potatoes, tacos, or Valentine puns. :D These are awesome, and you are awesome.



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