Monday, November 18, 2013

A Musical Monday

Long-time-no-post! Sorry about that! I have had a super busy week! I promise I didn't forget about it though, I have so many post ideas that I can't wait to share! But on to the post...

 In today's world it is extremely hard to find music that is: 1) Good 2) Uplifting 3) Only uses good language 4) Gives a good message 5) Actually has a fun/ catchy/ pretty beat. In the For the Strength of Youth Booklet  it says: "Music can enrich your life. It can edify and inspire you and help you draw closer to Heavenly Father. Music has a profound effect on your mind, spirit, and behavior." Unfortunately most music today sends bad messages, promotes bad behavior, and dims out spiritual sensitivity.
This past week we had our young women in excellence (a time to share what we have completed in
Personal Progress). In the program a few girls sang a beautiful musical number called "Beautiful to Him".  I LOVE it so much! Below is a link to it and a few of my other favorites:
1) Here is "This Little Light of Mine" by the Lower Lights. This is the song that inspired my blog name! I also like their version of "Count your Many Blessings". They have tons of other great ones too!

2) This one is "Gold" by Britt Nicole. This is one of my favorites! It has a great message and an upbeat tune!  

3) This is the "Beautiful to Him" by Rachel Thibodeau. It is so beautiful! Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to add it onto the post, so I will tell you how to find it. (If you have any suggestions please comment!)

1) Go to the LDS Youth Music website (Full of other great songs!)
2) Scroll down to Beautiful to Him by Rachel Thibodeau
And you have found it!

I could go on for days about music! I play the flute and I love listening to music. I hope you are inspired by this music! Have another good music suggestion? I would love for you to comment!

Have a great night!


  1. This is so cool! We have super similar tastes in music! I love the Lower Lights and Britt Nicole! And the music page is great! I completely agree-- the word needs to hear more about the good music out there. Thank you for sharing your light! You are awesome!


  2. Thank you for your comment! I LOVE the weekly music Mondays you do on your blog- I always love the songs!


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