Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The only Pirate at the Party// Book Review

I was super excited when I got The Only Pirate at the Party for my birthday and I absolutely loved it, it totally lived up to my expectations!! I started it Friday morning and finished it by Sunday night (it was a real life saver to have during all these snow days when the best thing to do is cuddle up with a good book- I'm definitely not complaining:)

I've always thought Lindsey Stirling was a pretty amazing gal, I mean she plays the violin while dancing, that's pretty impressive! I've also always liked how she overcame the odds, proved everyone wrong, and stayed true to her self. She could have easily given up and who knows where she would be now!

But after reading her book, I'm an even bigger fan! I loved how she wrote the book in such a personal way. It wasn't a stuffy biography that puts you to sleep (quite the opposite considering I stayed up way too late reading it.....) It was full of funny stories and motivational thoughts. She wrote about her struggles but she emphasized how we can all overcome our "personal demons" and find joy and success in life. Even though I have never struggled with an eating disorder, it left me feeling empowered and ready to take on the world. Another reason I love her story is because it proves that dreams can come true. they take a lot of hard work and they definitely don't come true easily, but they really can come true.

I would totally recommend this book, it was such a fun read that will leave you feeling motivated and inspired to follow your dreams, overcome your challenges, and be your true self!

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Have you read The Only Pirate at the Party? What did you think?

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