Monday, July 27, 2015

Pretty, Perfect, Pajama, Personal Progress Party!// Guest post from Kallie!

Good Morning fabulous people! I am super excited to introduce the wonderful Kallie from Life through a Lens! I love all her amazing projects and her photography is beautiful. I also love the videos she makes- they are pretty awesome! Her style is adorable and her blog is fabulous! So go check it out! I love any chance to collaborate with other teen bloggers and it was super fun to get to work with Kallie! I could go on and on, but I'll stop talking now so you can get to the post you really want to read:)

Hello Ladies! My name is Kallie. I am the head and chief over on Life Through a Lens. I am so excited to be here on Moore Light Shine today. I am 16, a chocolate lover and a moment-capturer. Yay for being teenage bloggers. I love Shelby's blog, she is amazing, right? Shelby wrote a post over on my blog too, check it out here

This is me..

As I was going through my rough drafts of blog posts, I ran across this one. I can't believe I never posted it! Back in January my ward had a Pretty, Perfect, Pajama, Personal Progress Party! It was a blast. I am a strong believer in Personal Progress, I love it with all my heart. So getting all the Young Women together to do Personal Progress in a party setting, was the best idea yet. We had purple and pink cupcakes, and played pretty awesome games.In this post I am going to share some ideas about how to get your self, or others excited for Personal Progress.

1. Make it a PARTY

Who doesn't like parties?

2. Play games

These games don't have to be specifically about Personal Progress. Have your first game be fun and the next be more centered around on passing off a value. You could play matching games with scriptures, a scripture chase. Maybe get into groups and see which team can find the scripture first.
Another fun game to go along with all of the P's is to have everyone come dressed in as many P's as possible. Pajamas, purple socks, pink get the idea. Whoever has the most P's win. You will be surprised what they can come up with.

3. Reflect on why Personal Progress is important

I think playing games and getting the Young Women excited is very important but it's also good to reflect on why Personal Progress is important. 
I personally, am not 100% finished with Personal Progress but lately I have been really focusing on it and have noticed a huge difference in the way act and feel. It is one amazing program and I think every single young women should participate in it. 

Thanks again Shelby for having me. You are the best. 

Come and stop by Life Through a Lens, I promise I don't bite. 

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