Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ideas for celebrating Easter

This Easter week, I am really trying to focus on the Savior and I thought you all might like to know what I am using! It is so important to focus on the Savior all the time, but especially close to Easter as we try to understand everything he did for us.  A lot of times it seems like Easter is a one time deal, where as Christmas has a whole season. Easter represents so many glorious things, the Atonement, the Savior, the Resurrection and all that was made possible because of them, so why does it get less attention?

I am totally referencing this GREAT resource! It is geared towards family activities, but it can be easily used for just you. The thing I loved most was how it had scriptures for each day and things to journal/think about.

These bible videos are great for understanding stories, especially with younger kids. Mormon Messages are also amazing!

I've been reading the page about #becausehelives and #heishere, it also has things about each day of the week you can read. Later in the week I plan to post a picture with the #heishere marker. I'm also reading through the page about Jesus Christ. It is super uplifting and a great reminder about all that Jesus Christ is and did for us.

Videos: ( I only linked 3 but there are SO many more on The Mormon Channel youtube account-they don't just apply to Mormons either, I encourage everyone to watch them!)
(I wouldn't encourage showing the last one to small children because it is super sad, the reason I included it is because of the words. It might be best to just press play and minimize it because I feel like the words are SO powerful. You can listen to the whole talk here.)

Most other links I would recommend are linked in the first source so you can find them there. Another great idea would be to look up talks about Easter, Christ, and the Atonement.

Journaling is my last recommendation. Some ideas are:
What role does Christ play in my life?
How do I see his influence?
What can I do to draw nearer to him?
What role does the Atonement add to my life?
Without Christ and the Atonement would life have purpose?
What purpose do they add?
How does the Atonement relate to grace?
What power is there in the statement he lives?
Thoughts on the Savior's love
How can we become more like the Savior?
Christ gave up all for us... what can we give up for him?
What blessings have you seen because of the Atonement?

What ideas do you have? Any great links you know of? I'll add them to the list!

I hope you all have an amazing Easter week as you strive to make Easter and the glorious truths it holds part of your lives.


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