Friday, October 17, 2014


I have been a pretty lousy blogger lately and I want to apologize. I have a few letters to write....
(I actually wrote this awhile ago, but it is still pretty relevant)

Dear school,
Please be over. I know learning is a blessing, but I ready to be done.
Tired of you

Dear Fall break,
Come back!
I don't like waking up early

(No longer relevant)

Dear weather,
Stay warm. I love this.
I love the sun

Dear rain,
Please go away. 2 weeks is enough.
I miss the sun

Dear  blogger self,
Please become more consistent.

Dear writer self,
Stop saving everything as a draft. Just post it already.

Dear Wednesday,
You are my favorite day of the week. Church is amazing and I laugh so much there.
I love Wednesdays
Ps: I also really appreciate the surprise it was so nice to wake up and think it was Monday and then be surprised it wasn't. (This is old)

Dear Friday,
You are my second favorite day. Thank you for finally being here after the longest week ever.
Ready for the weekend

Dear blog readers,
Thank you for reading my blog. And putting up with my crazy posting schedule. And encouraging me.
Very Thankful

Dear Music,
I love you. You make me happy.
Flutist, Guitarist, and Singer

Dear photography,
Thanks for helping me capture the beauty of my beautiful, crazy, wonderful life.
Obsessed with Photos

Dear Family,
Thanks for always being there and for supporting me and being kind and loving me. I love all of you so much and I thank my lucky stars every day for you.
I love you

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