Thursday, June 5, 2014

Keep Going

I saw this on pinterest the other day and loved it! I have used it as my wallpaper for my phone and it is so cute!  Click here for the original source.

It is so important to never give up! Just keep moving forward!
Another great quote on this topic:
Even when you feel like you cannot take one more step, when life seems so dark you feel as though you won't ever see light again- keep moving forward. Don't get discouraged, keep trusting, keep believing, kneel as much as you can, cry unto God. Do anything you have to, just don't quit. You are worth an infinite amount and God has a plan for you. You are not destined to fail,  but to succeed gloriously. He will not leave you in the dark.
Good things WILL come, I promise.

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  1. Beautiful finds and such an important message. I love this! Thanks for sharing!



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