Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Change the world in one easy step!

A few days ago this sweet video popped onto my blog feed in I thought it was such a good video! I love how these kind words made each girl feel! The video says:
Words can build us up
Can bring us down
Start a fire in our hearts
or put it out
This is so  true! So pick your words carefully! Every little thing you say uplifts someone or brings them down. Even if it's just a "joke."
You can change
the world
By changing your words
I had never really thought about that! But think about the world and all it's sadness (depressing, I know). Now imagine we eliminated every yucky word. Now eliminate mean sarcasm. Eliminate every unkind thing said and every "joke" that involved someone else.
Think about it!
That would eliminate bullying, negativity, tons of hurt feelings!
The world would be a different place if we only changed our words!
So please, think about your words and how they effect others!

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